How many calories does sex burn off

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Be less lazy in bed and you'll reap the rewards Image: Why was sex a better workout for the guys?

How many calories does sex burn off

Men may also be more physically active during sex, he says. Getty However, during 30 minutes of sex men burned calories and women 69, burning an average of 3. Research suggests that being on top requires more energy than being on the bottom.

How many calories does sex burn off

How many calories does sex burn off

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  1. Especially among older couples in long-term relationships, sex is unlikely to crank your heart rate or energy output. Doing this will help flex your core muscles and deliver a similar workout to ab crunches.

  2. Coming up onto your feet, almost as if you're in a squatting position, can also help work your bum, legs and hips. For women, doggy style helps to work your core muscles, as well as quads, hamstrings and arms.