How does temperature control sex

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Recent studies Bergeron et al. If such a snail is removed from its attachment, it will become female. However, once an individual becomes female, it will not revert to being male Coe

How does temperature control sex

Recent studies Bergeron et al. The idea is sound, but testing it has been remarkably difficult.

How does temperature control sex

How does temperature control sex

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  1. If such a snail is removed from its attachment, it will become female. Two individuals are changing from male to female.

  2. Temperature-dependent aromatase activity is also seen in diamondback terrapins, and its inhibition masculinizes their gonads Jeyasuria et al. Very near or at the pivotal temperature of sex determination, mixed sex ratios and more rarely intersex individuals.

  3. Now, a thirty-year old idea to explain this puzzling system has finally been confirmed. Another hypothesis is that aromatase activity may be regulated by Sox9.

  4. Also, experiments conducted at the pivotal temperature, where temperature is equivocal in its influence, have demonstrated an underlying genetic predisposition to be one sex or the other. However, in the bipotential gonads of those turtles raised at male-promoting temperatures, Sox9 expression was retained in the medullary sex cords destined to become Sertoli cells Spotila et al.