How can girls have sex

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Too soon and you may leave your partner unsatisfied; too late and it might leave your partner feeling as if they're pumping iron at the gym. Mix it up a little bit; go fast at times, then slowly.

How can girls have sex

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you make an effort to kiss your partner during the act — it will only add to the experience. Gently caressing these areas will help excite your partner further; in turn, increasing the chances of them pleasuring you back.

How can girls have sex

How can girls have sex

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  1. Not warning your partner before you climax If you're going to let go — and this applies even to women — whether during oral sex or intercourse, you need to tell your partner beforehand. Staying quiet Do you like to hear it when your partner is having a good time?

  2. Not kissing Believe it or not, many people and this includes women don't kiss their partner when they're having sex.