Hot sex pic postcards e mail

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Bonus if I could add a note like "perfect for brother's birthday. It has to be the worst example of a nanny state curtailing the lives of the public. There are many times where I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on sending a card, but I also want my progress to be saved.

Hot sex pic postcards e mail

Getting a saucy postcard was the next best thing to actually being on holiday but some, featuring heaving bosoms, hen-pecked husbands, sour wives and innuendo-loaded captions, were just too naughty to be allowed on the shelves 50 years ago. Now a museum is putting on show all 21 of the comic cards by prolific artist Donald McGill that the censors suppressed. It has to be the worst example of a nanny state curtailing the lives of the public.

Hot sex pic postcards e mail

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  1. You can type in your own personal message and then sign the bottom of the card in your own handwriting. Cards that make me laugh out loud