Horror movies with good sex scenes

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Comment Email Copy Link Copied Just like every other genre, horror has its tropes, commonly recurring themes or ideas that constantly seem to show up in every movie no matter what. The Hunger takes the blood and sex metaphor that runs through every vampire story to the highest level when beautiful vampire Miriam Deneuve starts looking for a new lover after her husband John Bowie begins to rapidly age. A remake of the cheesy film Piranha, the version revolves around a group of locals and tourists trying to escape the flesh-eating, prehistoric fish that suddenly begin swarming Lake Victoria during spring break.

Horror movies with good sex scenes

The two play a married couple who, after the death of their daughter, take a trip to Venice and encounter a clairvoyant who says she has a message for them from the beyond. But, the most memorable sex scene has to be one in which Ms.

Horror movies with good sex scenes

Horror movies with good sex scenes

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  1. We could only find an Xtube link to the scene, so be aware before you click through that the whole site is NSFW.

  2. Watch the scene here. When she walks up the stairs undressing as she leads Oliver John Heard to bed, her predatory look and movements blur the lines between animal and woman even before her eventual transformation.

  3. A number of films in the horror genre managed to infuse sex into the story in a way that worked and created something that could turn audiences on while still giving them the heebie jeebies.

  4. Naughton spends most of the film in various states of undress, which has its benefits, but most memorably, he shares a sexy shower and love scene with Alex Jenny Agutter , the nurse who cared for him while he was in the hospital, to the sounds of Van Morrison.