Home made sex machine videos

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Parallel shaft gearmotors have the output parallel to the armature or motor can , while in right angle motors the output shaft is at a right angle to the armature. This must match the mounting diameter of the offset pin arm or flywheel used with the motor. Sex machine parts are either in-stock or fabricated on demand, and generally ship within a week of your order.

Home made sex machine videos

I really only recommend this approach for a first-time build, planning to upgrade once your concept has been tested. Read the section below about "Selecting A Motor" for a bit more information.

Home made sex machine videos

Home made sex machine videos

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  1. Cast aluminum double-gang exterior-grade box with steel cover, modified to mount contol board and two jacks. If you have a creative bent, enjoy working with your hands, and have some basic building skills, I highly recommend you build a fucking machine.

  2. Bodine motors are of extremely high quality, and are the quietest motors available in my opinion. Used on several Orgasm Alley models.

  3. Here you'll find all of the mechanical stuff you need to build the sex machine of your dreams, along with a bit of advice and commentary from Mr.

  4. The frames shown in these pictures are not available for purchase, and are not included in the Power Transmission part sets they are used to depict. This is the same powerline used in my commercial machines.