Help on sex on perscriptiondrugs

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Questions to ask your doctor. Testosterone plays a role in healthy sexual function in women as well as men, although women have much lower levels of testosterone. If erectile dysfunction medications are combined with other drugs, or used in incorrect dosages, consequences can include hypotension, heart attack, stroke or death.

Help on sex on perscriptiondrugs

What medications can cause sexual dysfunction? It can help your sexual function by improving blood flow and strengthening your heart. A daily pill, Addyi may boost sex drive in women who experience low sexual desire and find it distressing.

Help on sex on perscriptiondrugs

Help on sex on perscriptiondrugs

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  1. You might have a treatable, underlying condition, or you might benefit from lifestyle changes, therapy or a combination of treatments. Do you have orgasms?

  2. Either because of boredom or medical or psychological problems, the pleasure of sexual relations between two people can be diminished.