Hedonism vacations sex with strangers

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We found out later that the resort had over-booked so much that week that some people were being moved to the resort next door. No floats were on the prude side.

Hedonism vacations sex with strangers

Breakfast and lunches were the same for the most part just average. Cleaning was great, the staff were consistent and did a great job of freshening the place up with towels and sheets. Instead of shutting the resort down in the off season and performing all of their major maintenance, Hedonism II opted to shift the inconvenience onto their guests without notice and seemingly, without regard for the folks who save money all year for a vacation.

Hedonism vacations sex with strangers

Hedonism vacations sex with strangers

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  1. At meals, women need only cover crotch and nipples, even with a sheer or loosely knit material. I was primarily interested in a nude vacation but when I walked around the nude side in all my glory, more often than not I was the only one and mostly felt awkward.