Healing sex addiction with hypnosis

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Recovery from this addiction is possible. Hypnosis is an inner, altered state of consciousness in which the critical, logical, conscious part of the mind is temporarily suspended so access to the subconscious is available to receive suggestions for new attitudes, beliefs and values. The recovering sex addict can be conditioned to want to experience and enjoy person-to-person, mutual sex that serves to bond two people who care for each other and know each other on all levels of intimacy.

Healing sex addiction with hypnosis

Hypnosis happens when a person allows it to happen. The choice of a specific sexual behavior may be a compulsive attempt to find exactly the right way to be held — to be soothed, to be comforted — to be re-assured. It seems natural that hypnosis successfully treats porn addiction, because pornography and sex in general in and of itself can be very hypnotic.

Healing sex addiction with hypnosis

Healing sex addiction with hypnosis

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  1. Messages of self-worth, self-value, the ability to inhibit impulses and to bring to bear already existing resources are received at a deep, unconscious level and have significant potential to effect personality change at a profound level.