Having sex with a woman in her 60s

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Researchers say health practitioners and others should be discussing alternative forms of pleasure for older women. When beginning a sexual relationship with a new partner, you should still practice safe sex. Talking to your doctor may also provide further insight into possible solutions.

Having sex with a woman in her 60s

Much of the ignorance about sex and the older person stems from resistance to thinking about old people at all, least of all their yucky bodies. As you get older, the world can weigh on you and you might forget to celebrate your aliveness, your drive and your desire to keep engaging in all that life has to offer.

Having sex with a woman in her 60s

Having sex with a woman in her 60s

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  1. Without preamble, she launched into enthusiastic endorsement of a lubricant called Astroglide: Plus they are likely to have much more knowledge about sex to add to their many decades of experience.

  2. Older age groups too are at risk of STDs so it's important to use condoms with a new partner; try Durex Real Feel for a lovely skin-on-skin feeling. Sex is no longer about reproduction if it ever was and you have an opportunity to move beyond the basics of genital intercourse and find out what is actually pleasurable for you about sex.

  3. Using a pillow under your back for the missionary position can add comfort. Social messages telling women that sex is not for them cause women to distance themselves from their desire throughout their lives.