Have the feeling of oral sex

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The late stage of syphilis may not develop for 10 to 30 years from when you were infected. They can cause intense itching. Infections can be passed on through oral sex even if there are no obvious signs or symptoms of the infection such as sores.

Have the feeling of oral sex

Using a condom or a dental dam will help protect you from STIs. Pubic lice are spread during sex. You can experiment with making different patterns with your tongue and try different rhythms — taking cues from your partner as to what she enjoys most.

Have the feeling of oral sex

Have the feeling of oral sex

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  1. Take your time to explore her upper thighs and the area around her vagina first, to help her get aroused. You can catch syphilis by coming into direct contact with a syphilis sore during vaginal, anal or oral sex.

  2. Remember that it can take a while to work out what makes someone feel good. If you are concerned about hygiene, ask your partner to wash first - water and a gentle washcloth should do the trick.

  3. Do not have oral sex if either of you has sores in or around your mouth, vagina, penis or anus, or if the person giving oral sex has bleeding gums.