Hamza is gay

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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf gave a brief interview addressing several difficult issues. In what circumstances are you going to find someone to testify to that?

Hamza is gay

We went from the incredible pathos of joy to the bathos of despair. The spirit of love that embodied the city of Louisville for two days was overwhelming. As we say in the Orlando statement, we are committed to Abrahamic morality, but it should not to be imposed on others.

Hamza is gay

Hamza is gay

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  1. Everyone was smiling and hugging. I know that people can live celibate lives, I did it myself for many years.

  2. When a man wrote a political screed against the IRS and flew into its building, he was deemed mentally ill, even though it was clearly a political act. The memorial was all planned by Muhammad Ali himself, and I was impressed by how much his faith was highlighted, even by people of other traditions.