Guys having sex in leotards

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He tells me to stop when I have my back to him. By the time we finished my cock was rock hard and sticking straight out in my leotard and tights. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and said, "I know what you need!

Guys having sex in leotards

I tilted my ass up to get the deepest penetration. The feeling of the smooth green leotard and tights on my body and my throbbing hard cock was unbelievable. He starts sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his big dick and it gets rock hard.

Guys having sex in leotards

Guys having sex in leotards

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  1. I could already see that my cock was getting noticeably larger and harder. He stood up and I was still on my knees with his giant boner pulsing and throbbing right in front of me.