Grown bull and young heffer having sex

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Average weaning weight of calves corrected for calf sex kg It can be seen that calving first at two years had no effect on cow survival and life span in the herd, virtually no effect on mature cow size, but a large effect on productivity. Fertility of heifers mated as yearlings Low pregnancy rates and poor calving percentages in mobs of heifers mated as yearlings are usually associated with inadequate liveweight at mating, as liveweight is the most important factor determining the onset of oestrus. Milk production and calf growth Young cows calving at two years produce less milk and wean lighter calves than older cows, but can still produce good calves if calved in good body condition and are well fed after calving.

Grown bull and young heffer having sex

Some feel these numbers are too low, while others feel that the recommendations are too high; especially for yearling bulls. Please report spam, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate posts by messaging the moderators , as this helps us remove them more promptly!

Grown bull and young heffer having sex

Grown bull and young heffer having sex

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  1. Although the calves of yearling joined heifers are lighter at weaning, following calves are as heavy as if the heifers had calved at three years.