Green p lates for sex offenders

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The bill is the latest in a series of Ohio measures to crack down on sex crimes. And two Ontario border-area MPPs are worried about the dangers Ontario motorists with green plates could face travelling outside the province if the states pass the bills as part of sex offender registration and notification laws. Child sex offender registration order Additionally, an order can be made on sentencing for other offences for the offender to comply with the reporting obligations of this Act if the court is satisfied that the person poses a risk to the sexual safety of any child or children [s 9 Child Sex Offenders Registration Act SA ].

Green p lates for sex offenders

Class 2 offences are listed in Schedule 1 Part 3 of the Act. A registrable offender is able to request, in writing, access to their information and seek amendment of incorrect information [s 63]. Additionally, a person can be declared a serious registrable offender if the Commissioner of Police is satisfied that a registrable offender is at risk of committing further class 1 or 2 offences [s4 1 , s 10A 1 ].

Green p lates for sex offenders

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  1. The register is maintained by the Commissioner of Police and the Commissioner is also responsible for developing, maintaining and adhering to guidelines about access to the register.

  2. A full list of class 2 offences can be found in Schedule 1 Part 2 of the Act. She added that distinctive licence plates for alternative fuel vehicles are provided in Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Virginia.