Great oral sex techniques for men

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Oral sex tip 4: It will also give your jaw a rest if you find it getting tired from having him in your mouth. Some men even prefer a blow job to full-on sex.

Great oral sex techniques for men

Get saucy Some women can't bare the taste of their man in their mouths which makes oral sex rather less enjoyable. You can learn more about deep throating your man here in Chapter 7 of the Blow Job Guide.

Great oral sex techniques for men

Great oral sex techniques for men

While this absent video is quite mature, it will teach you how to player your man incline with pleasure and become sexually greag to you. Try looking to see what your man reviews the most. Great oral sex techniques for men

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  1. Of course, this works way better if he is naked. If it makes you feel more up for it try having a shower together as part of foreplay so that you can nice and clean before you get dirty.