Great italian couple having sex

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Some think it's perhaps a bit different to do it during a truck parade. Not every European country has come as far as Sweden, and Italy and Greece are probably the ones who are furthest behind.

Great italian couple having sex

The usual ceremony only takes about three minutes, so we wanted to do something more fun, especially now when we're inviting our friends and family from Italy. I attended a Pride festival in Rome in and it hasn't progressed since.

Great italian couple having sex

Great italian couple having sex

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  1. Legality of marriage determines if child support is mandatory In Italy, missed child support payments has criminal penalties, only if parents were legally married. Well, we've been together for ten years so there's not much left to do but to get married — it's definitely about time.

  2. In Italy a civil union will receive all the legal benefits and protections Civil unions are now fully operational in Italy.

  3. It was also a political statement. How really will naving take before Italy no where Sweden is now.

  4. Civil unions have only just been made legal in Italy, passing in May this year, making it the last of the major European countries to do so. It feels amazing, Francesco and I will start the parade as unmarried, then when we get to the Sergels Torg square in central Stockholm the ceremony will start.

  5. Personally, I have no complaints about gay rights in Sweden but I'm not sure what it's like for trans-people.