Golden girls sex and the city

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How many real life women had the confidence to ask their doctor just one more tough question as a result of seeing that episode? The Golden Girls were using humour to say things in the eighties that some would still have trouble discussing today. It gave a voice to intelligent, hilarious, independent and sexually liberated women, whilst addressing important and controversial issues on prime time American television.

Golden girls sex and the city

When had a group of women on American TV done that in prime time before? But The Golden Girls, which first broadcast 30 years ago today, did something which many shows have taken credit for. Women laugh at different things.

Golden girls sex and the city

Golden girls sex and the city

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  1. The way in which the other women then comically educate her, which concludes with us seeing her drinking from that mug without fear, was a masterstroke. It's OK for a woman to make the first move.

  2. The world was changed by this TV institution - raising our awareness of unfashionable issues, educating us about taboos, and providing great laughs along the way. A little kink never hurt anybody.