Girlfriend gets revenge by having sex

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She does this without the slightest bit of hesitation, writing the names of her soon-to-be victims on a piece of paper that might as well be a grocery list, and for two whole films, she leaves a bloody trail in her tracks. These women are unforgiving, and for good reason.

Girlfriend gets revenge by having sex

These women fix that problem head-on. They don't want the fact that they're women to be viewed as something negative. He eventually discovers that her own need for love and commitment is on a whole other level than his own, escalating into a grotesque revenge story that results in dismemberment, slow-burning torture, and obsession, all of which Asami considers to be completely necessary.

Girlfriend gets revenge by having sex

Girlfriend gets revenge by having sex

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  1. Matched with the fact that the law isn't exactly going to be on her side when it comes to taking it into her own hands, she continues down a traumatic, but ultimately empowering, path of self-discovery.

  2. The two women — one is the victim's husband, the other his mistress — are forced to figure out why exactly their attempt at revenge didn't go quite according to plan, all the while trying to unravel the plot in which they've entangled themselves.

  3. However, despite their charity, his aggressive virility takes over, putting Martha's girls in harm's way. Intertwined with the film's central mystery, Lisbeth confronts some personal demons head-on.