Girl in snakes on a plane sex scene

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Other people are bit on the neck and killed. A cat in a carrying crate hisses, and one snake slithers into it, presumably killing the cat we don't see the impact, but do see that crate moving from the attack.

Girl in snakes on a plane sex scene

We briefly see black and white photos of bad-looking snake bite wounds featuring split-open skin and such. Flynn kills two snakes with bloody results by striking them with something.

Girl in snakes on a plane sex scene

Girl in snakes on a plane sex scene

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  1. Other people are bit on the neck and killed. Violence consists of a murder that occurs just off-screen and some shootings, while plenty of people are killed in various ways by various species of snakes.

  2. The passengers and crew try to build a makeshift wall out of anything they can find to keep the snakes in another part of the plane. A first-class passenger has a bad and condescending attitude toward the crew and other passengers on the flight after he's bumped from first-class to coach.

  3. The man then accidentally bangs his head back against the wall, leaving a fair amount of blood there.