Get hurt when we have sex

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Questions every woman wonders about her health, body and mind. Often a combination of psychological therapy and medical treatment can be effective. Pain generally occurs above the neck at the back of the skull.

Get hurt when we have sex

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about their pain, and end up gritting their way through it. Next steps Hopefully there is enough information here for you to either help yourself or seek additional support as needed through therapy, sexual health care or your GP. Number three, new partners, new positions, new anxieties, is there something about this particular intercourse or this new partner that makes you uncomfortable so you're having sex when you're not actually well-lubricated?

Get hurt when we have sex

Get hurt when we have sex

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  1. In an ideal world, sex would always be about intimacy, pleasure, fun and exploration—not pain or stress. However, there are a variety of medical conditions that can cause painful sex.