Gay tango

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They are mostly anonymous pictures of women before the retina of a man one imagines to be complacent with the image of two women narrowing the distance between their bodies, something this dance encourages. It's unacceptable to join a dance floor where you don't know the dance style that couples are dancing to music. More essential than a couple's own gender preferences in any partnered dance style is to be taught and practice plenty one of that dance style's own gender-based roles - leader or follower.

Gay tango

Others might update you on the gay Tango venue. Dancers have the power to choose to dance the role they prefer or to exchange roles, depending on the person they are dancing with and the moment they decide to do so. Since it takes place every year in order to bring together same sex couples in tango from all over the world.

Gay tango

Gay tango

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  1. The man is the active participant while the woman is passive. The men practicing together, looking for the best ways to please a woman when they danced with her, preparing for that rare moment when they actually did have a woman in their arms, were the people who created the Tango as a dance.

  2. A queer tango dancer shifts the focus from sexuality to gender which allows to enhance his expressiveness by way of role exchange.

  3. Check our FAQ , drop us a message or speak to one of the team at any of our events. The Queer tango movement which revives the origins of tango as a same-sex couple dance is very recent.