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Share via Email Tony Mahoney, who has died aged 61, was at the centre of three epic east London squats in the late 60s and 70s: Show vote On 16 May He disposed of their mobile phones, repeatedly lied to police and planted a fake suicide note in the hand of one of his victims, taking the blame for the death of another.

Gay ilford

Mike Gapes voted in favour of allowing same sex couples to marry. So, in , Mahoney and Ron Bailey led the move to open them up for the homeless. Mike Gapes was absent for a vote on Categories of civil partners other than same sex couples Show vote On 9 Nov

Gay ilford

Gay ilford

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  1. Show vote On 4 Nov The media were alerted and showed bailiffs beating up families and workmen wrecking habitable buildings.

  2. Mike Gapes voted against allowing mixed sex marriages which become a same sex marriage to remain valid as long as neither party objected.

  3. Port constructed a complex web of deceit, telling his neighbour that Mr Kovari died of an infection in Spain. Mahoney meanwhile made an impassioned TV protest - which resulted in a trained dog-handler advising the squatters to stuff sausages through the letterboxes.

  4. After a February dawn eviction, Alsatians were locked into the buildings to deter re-entry. Initially his death was treated as "non-suspicious", the court heard.