Friction sex can cause irritation

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Vary your angles, movements and thrust speeds. Here are a few other tips to help prevent penis irritation:

Friction sex can cause irritation

Wearing a latex condom is one of the best ways to protect against STIs. Make sure you put it on correctly. Sexual position You might find that your choice of sexual positions are increasing discomfort and pain, so play around with some alternatives; perhaps some will be more comfortable that others.

Friction sex can cause irritation

Friction sex can cause irritation

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  1. Understanding the type of pain, where in the body it is located and when it occurs can be very helpful in diagnosing and treating the issue. Speak to your GP about treatment if this is a problem for you.

  2. Ask your doctor for advice on how to prevent yeast infections. Redness and irritation on your penis can have other causes, too.

  3. Make sure you put it on correctly. Reddit If you experience pain or discomfort during or after sex, it can understandably lead to a loss of sexual desire and have a profound effect on your relationships.