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Our third aim was to examine gender differences in the odds of experiencing interpersonal consequences of sex. We further grouped these consequences into nine categories, based on past literature on motivations for sex and consequences of sexual behavior.

Free teen sex daily picture

Second, because retrospective reports may be influenced by length of time and changes in relationship with a partner, such as subsequent dissolution of the relationship Smiler et al. Less research has examined consequences of sex in emerging adulthood, but extant research that it may be a more similar experience for men and women than first intercourse in adolescence. Research Aims This research had five aims.

Free teen sex daily picture

Free teen sex daily picture

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  1. Because research on consequences of sex in emerging adulthood is limited, our first aim was to provide descriptive information about the frequency of positive and negative intrapersonal and interpersonal consequences of sex.

  2. Although assessing affective states and not perceived consequences per se, this literature suggests that sexual behaviors after first intercourse may be experienced as more positive than early sexual experiences, and thus may be associated with more positive and fewer negative consequences.