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Fifteen percent of the 59 reported injuries or illness were related to alcohol or drugs. Groups of friends from the same high school often rent a room at a local beach resort motel or rooming house. How important a role do alcohol, other drug use, and sex play in a typical beach week experience?

Free six grad girls having sex

All respondents were graduated from high school in and had gone to beach week soon after graduation. Finally, few girls initiated sex or drugs during beach week.

Free six grad girls having sex

Free six grad girls having sex

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  1. Comment Questionnaire surveys must be well designed and reviewed by experts in the field, and participants must be carefully selected to reduce the element of bias. The answers of those completing the survey during beach week and those completing it later were highly consistent.

  2. A consent form detailing the purpose of the study, a promise of confidentiality, the right to refuse to participate, the right to skip any question s that produced anxiety or discomfort, and the right to immediately stop answering questions if strong negative feelings occurred, was read and signed by each participant.