Free sex stories enema lesson

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He had already excreted yards of long stringy mucus "with a strange yellow glaze", several hard black pellets and numerous pieces of undigested rump steak. But mastering the enema, once I'd got over muscle-clenching nervousness, really wasn't difficult.

Free sex stories enema lesson

I seemed to have been up half the night on the loo, the result of drinking a copious amount of fluid. A more pleasant experience can usually enema suppository be obtained with gently-administered baking soda enema mistress enemas; cleansing the lower bowel for colonoscopy and other bowel studies can be enema story nurse effectively achieved with water-based enema administration. Instead they order around odd gallons of coffee and vinegar, lemon or garlic solution - lightly warmed, please waiter - to be squirted up their anus.

Free sex stories enema lesson

Free sex stories enema lesson

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