Free newly married couple sex

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To be sure, rational enjoyment benefits and stimulates love, but the pleasure of each other's society, standing together on all questions of mutual benefit, working hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder in the battle of life, raising a family of beautiful children, sharing each other's joys and sorrows, are the things that bring to every couple the best, purest, and noblest enjoyment that God has bestowed upon man. The male, however, being more sensual, is more quickly roused. The quietest and softest demeanor, with gentle and re-assuring words, are all that should be attempted at first.

Free newly married couple sex

A sincere Christian faith is one of the best recommendations. In such cases there may be less trouble.

Free newly married couple sex

Free newly married couple sex

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  1. A good rest, however, will be necessary to fully restore the mind and the body, then the natural condition of the sexual organs will be resumed.

  2. To thus offer up the maiden on the altar of love and affection only swells her flood of joy and bliss; whereas, on the other hand, sensuality humbles, debases, pollutes, and never elevates. This, then, is the time for all approaches by the husband to be of the most delicate, considerate, and refined description possible.

  3. It is during the period of the honeymoon that the intensity of this desire, coupled with the greatest curiosity, is at its height, and the unbridled license often given the passions at this time is attended with the most dangerous consequences. The modest one craves only refined and platonic love at first, and if husbands, new and old, would only realize this plain truth, wife-torturing would cease and the happiness of each one of all human pairs vastly increase.