Free master sex slave story

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Then he orders me to rise to my knees. Then, all of the sudden, instead of blows to her backside, she felt the warm cock slide in and go deep. Thrusting my pelvis and shoulders from side to side, I undulate like a serpent.

Free master sex slave story

The day went on like any normal day. She cleaned his crack ever so gently and dried him quickly so he wouldn't be chilled.

Free master sex slave story

Free master sex slave story

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  1. Everyone was ordering out for lunch and master had asked her if she would like to order out as well. I should feel guilty about deceiving him.

  2. Like the bitch in heat I am, my holes are fully exposed. Still on my knees before him, I look up at him through glassy eyes.

  3. She looked up at him and saw the seriousness in his burning eyes and bent over and licked it twice.