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An association between measures of cognitive impulsiveness and aggressive obsessions and checking suggests that impulsiveness may be particularly relevant to specific subgroups of individuals with OCD Ettelt et al. Night Shyamalan's horror film, Split - and one of the few things it did right - happened at the very end.

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If one didn't know anything about his past, one wouldn't assume his "day job" involved stand-up. Nonetheless, certain populations e.

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  1. The family history of individuals with IED is characterized by high rates of mood, substance use and other impulse control disorders McElroy et al. Thus, existing community-based data suggest a stronger connection between PG and a broad range of other psychiatric disorders than exists between PG and OCD.

  2. Jason Momoa, although charismatic and physically gifted, isn't well-suited to this sort of repartee. The narrative is flimsy - just a clothesline upon which the seven or so musical co-productions from composer Marc Shaiman and lyricist Scott Wittman can be hung.