Floyd county indiana sex offenders

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But a recent WAVE 3 investigation revealed many sex offenders from Kentuckiana are using bogus addresses. Paul Cox may soon be on his way back from Georgia. A month later, year-old Sarah Michelle Lunde's partially clothed body was discovered in an abandoned fish pond.

Floyd county indiana sex offenders

But under Indiana law, offenders are supposed to be sent address confirmation forms by the sheriff's department once a year, which the offender is then supposed to return. He's registered to a house in New Albany, but Delpha Elswick, who answered the door, knew nothing about it.

Floyd county indiana sex offenders

Floyd county indiana sex offenders

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  1. Daniels, who just took office four months ago, said our report raises serious questions about Indiana's sex offender registry system and promised immediate action to fix the problem "If we find out that these four cases are typical of a larger pattern, we won't wait for the legislature. Chief Loop plans to issue a felony arrest warrant for his failure to register.