Flavored condoms for oral sex

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Apparently, they aren't safe for penetration because of the chemicals that are used to flavour the condoms. In this case could use flavored for oral and a standard lubricated condom for vaginal sex.

Flavored condoms for oral sex

Make sure you and your partner are checking in with each other and yourselves! December 27, Do I really need to use condoms for oral sex?

Flavored condoms for oral sex

Flavored condoms for oral sex

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  1. Or you can use regular condoms with a flavored condom-safe lubricant. You can also use dental dams for any contact between a mouth and an anus sometimes called analingus or a rim job.

  2. Plastic wrap, such as saran wrap or Cling Wrap found in grocery stores, can also be used as a protective barrier during oral sex. This means if you have a latex allergy , you should make sure to check the package before purchasing.