First time sex stories for guys

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He started snuggling up on me, touching my groin, and all kinds of areas. After that he talked about training me to be better at it. I was with the guy for two years at the time.

First time sex stories for guys

It was kind of obvious he was trying to make a move on me but since I was a virgin at the time and somewhat conservative I dodged him when he tried to kiss me. September 26, About the Author:

First time sex stories for guys

First time sex stories for guys

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  1. Took me months before I could even masturbate again. Eventually I got together again with the same girl, but during foreplay she played with my penis and I came immediately.

  2. Maybe it was because he had really nice hazel eyes, and I used to be really attracted to pretty eyes.

  3. It was really awkward because in the background all I heard was this fighting game so it was a whole bunch of males moaning the entire time laughs.

  4. The people I had known who had lost it had really exciting, thrilling stories about it. It was painful and messy and I wanted it to end as soon as it started and he knew that.