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It seemed like hours but was only seconds when, with a moan from deep within my throat, I opened my mouth. The now hard nipples almost burned a hole in my hands.

First time mature lesbian sex

I continued mouthing her clit and thrusting into her, causing her body to tremble all over and her pussy to spasm around my fingers. My mouth was completely held between the soft slightly moist warmth of her larger fuller lips. I felt Marsha swallowing, drinking it down.

First time mature lesbian sex

First time mature lesbian sex

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  1. In between songs we struck up conversations with some of the other women that were dancing and found that many of them also worked together and were out after a company dinner same as we were.

  2. I pulled away abruptly, teasingly. We seemed to bond with these other partiers as we talked about work, being away from home, and just having a good time.

  3. Marsha was a striking lady with rich deep chocolate skin, a full head of thick black hair that hung in ringlets around her exotic face and dark brown eyes.

  4. My tongue came out of my mouth. Marsha responded by pulling my face into her throbbing pussy and I could feel her body begin to spasm and shudder.