Fine art budior sex photography

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Feel Connected Take your relationship to the next level or bring back the spice! Get closer and then get closer in the studio. You can bring 1 bottle of beer or champagne along if you'd like.

Fine art budior sex photography

I'm nude but you don't see nipples or genitals. But when you're pushing the boundary from the conventional to the unknown, there's a more intimate dialogue between the people behind and in front of the camera. Artwork Every couple crafts artwork from their photo experience.

Fine art budior sex photography

Fine art budior sex photography

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  1. Is my boss going to see these photos? Sure you can watch us photograph your partner but you have to be in a few pictures yourself.

  2. Our photography brings couples closer together. No, we do have "model calls" to find people comfortable with sharing their photos.

  3. And they tell a story. Because it's not totally clear what's going on, the viewer can project his or her own fantasy onto the shot.