Finding out sex of fetus

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This article is over 6 years old Joanne O'Connor with her daughter Nora at home. For increasing numbers of parents, this moment comes at the week scan.

Finding out sex of fetus

But I do know that I'm a little bit nosey, a big bit impatient and, after a childhood spent with my head buried in books, overwhelmingly a dreamer. We didn't find out. The reasons for not finding out seemed far more compelling, if at times bordering on the superstitious.

Finding out sex of fetus

Finding out sex of fetus

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  1. On threads with titles such as "Gender disappointment, please help", mothers-to-be share their "devastation" at finding out that a longed-for daughter is a son or vice versa , feelings that they would never admit to in real life. I was over the moon that our first child was developing normally, but we'd always been firmly in the want-to-know camp.

  2. They describe feeling robbed of future shopping trips and pedicures with their fantasy daughters, or "grief" that their husband won't get to watch their son play football. On hearing that her grandchild had kept its legs in a tight ball during the scan, my Mum teased:

  3. One thing that is for sure: By not finding out the sex, you effectively force people to think at least a little bit outside the box and consider things that are gender neutral.