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As many as four women were known to have been working out of the Mayfair hotel in St Helier on the same day in November. The delivery is fast and anonymous. Since our investigation, the force has stepped up its efforts to tackle the problem and officers have worked hard to raise awareness in hotels to help staff identify those in the sex trade.

Find sex in jersey c i

The escort, who says she works independently, said in her experience hotels were used by self-employed women. Prudishness and denial will only worsen the situation, so regulate and tax this service for consenting adults. Brothels are located in private apartments and are often connected with gangs.

Find sex in jersey c i

Find sex in jersey c i

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  1. At the height of the activity there were between 30 and 40 women advertising their services in the Island on the site which allows prostitutes to promote themselves around the world.