Figure out the sex of your baby

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This test isn't without risk, however, and isn't performed simply to determine the sex of your baby. Most people greeted our news with the main argument for waiting:

Figure out the sex of your baby

Now the technology exists and the possibility is there, it's a rare couple or individual that doesn't feel strongly either way about whether to find out. I was over the moon that our first child was developing normally, but we'd always been firmly in the want-to-know camp. Those in the want-to-know camp argue that knowing the sex makes name-choosing and bonding easier.

Figure out the sex of your baby

Figure out the sex of your baby

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We unbound we'd be sound whatever the sex. One test isn't without arrest, however, and isn't extended here to acquire the sex of your family.

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  1. Not knowing felt like an anticlimax. They describe feeling robbed of future shopping trips and pedicures with their fantasy daughters, or "grief" that their husband won't get to watch their son play football.