Fighting a sex abuse case

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The pattern has been seen with Clarence Thomas who was accused during his confirmation process of sexually harassing Anita Hill. Here are five common myths and the facts behind them.

Fighting a sex abuse case

Different scenarios were more or less effective in different circumstances. If the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in the midterm elections next month, they would be in a position to press charges against Trump in the wake of the Robert Mueller investigation on Russian interference in the election.

Fighting a sex abuse case

Fighting a sex abuse case

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  1. Most sexual assaults are committed by a stranger The narrative of a woman being sexually assaulted while walking down a dark alleyway may still play out on many TV screens.

  2. If assaults were reported immediately, it would be relatively easy to investigate and press charges It is true that survivors of rapes and sexual assaults who come forward quickly are more likely to undergo a forensic medical examination, which involves taking swabs and samples from the body to identify the source of any semen, saliva, or DNA. The nine justices can and do recuse themselves, frequently without explanation.

  3. Supreme court justices in the past have displayed partisan behavior, such as the late Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas who provoked criticism when they attended a strategy summit hosted by the far-rightwing Koch brothers.