Feeling unwanted by the opposite sex

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In extreme cases, called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, people of normal appearance fall for the lie that they are grotesquely ugly. Could my strong conviction that I am romantically undesirable have had a somewhat similar, more limited, effect upon me?

Feeling unwanted by the opposite sex

If God sees us through eyes of love, how dare we see ourselves in a different light, as if our perspective is right and our Creator and Savior is wrong? One thing my life with Christ has taught me is not to fear tough times and seemingly endless emotional pain.

Feeling unwanted by the opposite sex

Feeling unwanted by the opposite sex

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  1. The second type of negative feeling is the opposite, where you want to leave afterwards and experience your sexual partner as clingy.

  2. It was so shamefully shallow, and unlike God, and so hypocritical of me since I was sure I was unattractive.

  3. In time, however, it became increasingly important to me that a woman be highly attractive. Even people with partners who are madly in love with them can be so dominated by the fear that they will be rejected that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.