Federal law enforcement sex trafficking

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Department of Defense PowerPoint presentation for DOD law enforcement officials to help them understand what trafficking in persons is, who it affects, how to identify it, how to intervene and investigate it, and how to stop it. HUD also clarified that persons who are fleeing human trafficking could be considered eligible for housing programs.

Federal law enforcement sex trafficking

USAID also supports individual country assessments of the scope and nature of trafficking and the efforts of government, civil society, and international organization to combat it. A pocket-sized list of signs for identifying victims of human trafficking. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Civil enforcement and litigation of anti-discrimination laws can help trafficking victims.

Federal law enforcement sex trafficking

Federal law enforcement sex trafficking

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  1. October 22, Was this page helpful? Citizenship and Immigration Services grants T nonimmigrant status to victims of human trafficking, which also makes a victim eligible for HHS certification.

  2. In partnership with the DHS Blue Campaign, they offer employees a computer-based training module, printed materials, and methods to safely alert federal law enforcement.

  3. The First Aid Kit provides an easy-to-use source of information on how law enforcement first responders should deal with human trafficking cases.