Fan has sex with rapper on stage

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It's a lesson that America's most famous artists are, sadly, teaching us again and again. Perry's not the first artist in recent years who's found out that groping seems to be an occupational hazard. But that's exactly what happened when the singer invited another young woman on stage who seemed a little too excited to be there.

Fan has sex with rapper on stage

YouTube The whole interaction seemed innocuous enough. At his performance last year in Glastonbury , comedian Lee Nelson ran on stage and disrupted the rapper as a prank dedicated to Taylor Swift.

Fan has sex with rapper on stage

Fan has sex with rapper on stage

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  1. While this was the first time a fan has attempted to climb aboard, West is no stranger to stage invasions. Britney Spears was visibly shaken after a fan came on stage during a performance of Womanizer in Connecticut in