Facebook against same sex marriage

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But my fear is more practical. AME campaign director Erin McCallum said the new feature was a "simple, yet powerful way for individuals and businesses to show what we already know". Estimated increase in profile changes for each county.

Facebook against same sex marriage

GLOBE pledged to cancel its Telstra phone services and no longer accept financial support from the company. Louise Kennerley Ms Garlick said the frame feature was "a way of us amplifying the conversations that we already see happening on the platform". Looking at these trends more closely in the figure below, we can see that there is strong periodicity in how many users update their profile photos each hour, which makes the trend hard to see just by looking at the raw data.

Facebook against same sex marriage

Facebook against same sex marriage

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  1. Roughly a third of them told pollsters it was because they know someone — a friend or family member or other acquaintance — who is gay.

  2. AP This is the first time Facebook has used the "frame feature" which puts a prominent banner at the bottom of a profile picture for a political or social cause in Australia.