Expensive sex toys and dolls

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There are a plethora of sex doll sites and I work in the middle of the office with my computer facing the office bar, luckily surfing the internet for sex dolls is just an average day here at theCHIVE. This particular one is made from 18K yellow and white gold with and comes covered in 4K diamonds. Robert Benson Eyes have it:

Expensive sex toys and dolls

Time and effort come together with skill to form each doll individually Image: A RealDoll's primary function is to serve as a sex partner Image: Robert Benson Body doubles:

Expensive sex toys and dolls

Expensive sex toys and dolls

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  2. Each doll takes artists around 80 hours to make from scratch Image: Fingernails, nipples, hair and make-up can all be subject to customer's specifications.