Exhibitionist public sex story wife

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I was wearing casual pants and shirt. I looked at the road ahead and picked up […] Written by naughtynympho69, February 9th, I knelt in the middle of the room, ready for whatever was coming. When we walked in, the babysitter was asleep on the sofa.

Exhibitionist public sex story wife

At this point she was very hot and very open to whatever I wanted. When I was ready, I pulled out and shot my load all over her face and neck! Now come closer to the window.

Exhibitionist public sex story wife

Exhibitionist public sex story wife

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  1. Others could take their seats down there, in the hall. The more I played with it, the hotter she became.

  2. My wife gave me a kiss and said to go ahead and she would take a shower and be waiting for me to get home. She was wanting more than a friends with benefits though, I could tell by the way she talked, but I was happy with how things were.