Evolution mala female sex advantages

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The Triumph of an Idea, Carl Zimmer admitted: For there is, of course, the additional conundrum related to the fact that gametes i. One of the triumphs of modern sociobiology 1 , 2 is that evolutionary theory can explain why the sexes differ in their behavior along these lines in so many cases.

Evolution mala female sex advantages

If, as evolutionists have argued, there is a materialistic answer for everything, then the question should be answered: Yet if that is the case, why, then, have the bacteria themselves remained virtually unchanged—from an evolutionary viewpoint—for billions of years of Earth history? Why did evolution bother with sons?

Evolution mala female sex advantages

Evolution mala female sex advantages

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  1. It is the complexity of this process, and the manner in which it is copied from generation to generation, which practically drove Mark Ridley to distraction in The Cooperative Gene. The article goes on to explain, Biologists at the University of Indiana found some of the most convincing evidence yet that the evolutionary driver of sexual reproduction is a need to avoid death by parasites.

  2. The insights of Darwin and Mendel, which have illuminated so many mysteries, have so far failed to shed more than a dim and wavering light on the central mystery of sexuality, emphasizing its obscurity by its very isolation.

  3. In fact, sex may even speed up the pace of evolution — an obvious advantage if the environmental conditions are changing rapidly too. In these circumstances high mutation rates could have, under the right conditions, forced an asexual organism to become sexual.