Every one has had more sex than

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Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement If you believe that what you do in your sex life says something very important about your desirability, your coolness, your relationships and your health, the decisions you make when it comes to sex are going to be heavily weighted — emotionally and symbolically. It speaks to the ways people young and old inflate their sex lives. It starts when you are a teenager and your loving boyfriend suggests you don't use a condom, because he'll lose sensitivity.

Every one has had more sex than

When you look at the actual statistics or talk to real people that turns out not to be true. It's no wonder that women are hyperconscious of potential side effects. The other two were casual.

Every one has had more sex than

Every one has had more sex than

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  1. Are you having enough sex per week? No matter how you colour, flavour or add little ribs and dots "for her pleasure", condoms are a mood killer.