Essay in italy power renaissance sex

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In this respect it may also have been fruitful to explore servant-keeping practices in the patrician estates of the hinterland. He interprets select tales of sex, violence, and revolution within a statistical analysis of hundreds of ordinary cases.

Essay in italy power renaissance sex

There is ample material to exemplify how master-servant interaction signified patriarchal and hierarchal relationships of power, but one questions, as Romano concludes whether housecraft and statecraft were inseparably linked for servants, or whether "servants shared with masters the same complex vision of master-servant ties" xxv. Still, linking housecraft with statecraft provides an organizational framework for a body of informative research on the economic and social realities of service, the composition of Venetian households, the demographics of the servant population, and the servant life cycle.

Essay in italy power renaissance sex

Essay in italy power renaissance sex

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  1. Pious bequests plummeted, giving way to the earthly concerns of patriliny throughout the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.