Enjoying sex more no pain

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If vaginal dryness is the cause of your painful sex, using a vaginal lubricant in the form of a cream, jelly, or suppository can add moisture to the vagina and help make sex more comfortable for both partners. How would you describe the pain? Around the time of menopause, women's bodies produce significantly less estrogen.

Enjoying sex more no pain

The first step is to decide to start giving this very important part of your life the attention in deserves. For now, just notice how the idea of reconnecting with your vulva and vagina makes you feel. Some women with disabilities report issues with pain and dryness leading to a lack of desire.

Enjoying sex more no pain

Enjoying sex more no pain

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  1. While some people find any kind of penetrative sex uncomfortable, in general positions that allow for deeper penetration seem to cause more discomfort. All questions will be kept anonymous and key details, facts and figures may change to protect your identity.

  2. Next steps Hopefully there is enough information here for you to either help yourself or seek additional support as needed through therapy, sexual health care or your GP. But for now, I want to help you start, from right where you are, taking some baby steps towards re-connecting — with your vulva, with your desire, with pleasure, and with a partner.

  3. When you bleed is this inside or outside your vagina or bum or another part of your genitals? Enjoying Sex and Creating Intimacy with Pelvic Pain Pelvic pain interferes with sex and intimacy in a way that no other chronic pain does.