Effects of lower back pain on sex drive

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While KelownaNow retains editorial control of sponsored content, the content is created in collaboration with the sponsor. Discuss these as well as your personal concerns with your partner so that you can stay connected both intellectually and emotionally. While it may seem that this a cold, clinical way of approaching sex, it can help to make sure both partners are up for sexual intimacy both physically and mentally.

Effects of lower back pain on sex drive

Massages and showers or baths also help to promote relaxation, which helps to create an emotional and mental state that is conducive to sex. Some medicines diminish sex drive libido or inhibit sexual function by causing changes in your nervous system. Yes, intimacy means more than sex.

Effects of lower back pain on sex drive

Effects of lower back pain on sex drive

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  1. Assessment of sexual dysfunction before and after surgery for lumbar disc herniation. If you encounter setbacks, try not to become discouraged or focus on the negative.

  2. When do you seem to be most comfortable? If pain has left you physically scarred, unemployed or unable to contribute to management of your home, your self-esteem could be so battered that you feel you are unattractive and undesirable to your partner.